Going with the Flow


Go with the flow, find your very unique energetic signature and unite yourself to the beautiful harmonious energy of the universe.
You can make a difference to this world! 
Yes it starts with you, NOW!
Wishing you Absolute Happiness today and everyday.
Véronique 💞




The hidden portal within our heart’s centre…

When we become aware of the beauty of our environment, a portal deep within our heart opens.

This  heart portal takes us back to where we originally come from…

At one with the universe…

Absolute Happiness!!





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onenessascensionsunset-birds-flying-sky-70577 - CopyIMGP2919When we give up being any one thing we become everything…..

And when we are one with all we achieve absolute happiness.



Absolute Happiness


Good Morning,

When one door closes…another one opens…

For twenty-two years I owned a beautiful and successful Healing Centre in West Wales. The courses and workshops at “Awareness” were held in a working water mill located in a magical Welsh valley, it was part of our family home. I was teaching Usui and Karuna Reiki, Crystal Healing, Meditation, Shamanic Journeying and The Munay Ki Rites.

Slowly and persistently my intuition over the last couple of years has encouraged me to shut down the centre and to start thinking and working in more expansive ways. I feel deeply and more than ever that it is now time for all of us to unite our hearts and to collectively focus our minds on making positive changes in ourselves, our community and in our world.

I am now working with a team of qualified and experienced teachers and therapists . Our wish is to reach out to all who are looking to improve their own lives . By sharing our knowledge and experience with you we hope that together we can make a real positive difference to the world around us.

My new Website is: www.absolutehappiness.co.uk . We offer one and two day Holistic and Well Being retreats throughout Wales. UK

Happy woman jumping near rainbow

Absolute Happiness is a Buddhist term. Buddhists recognise two different kinds of happiness:

Relative Happiness is happiness that depends on things outside ourselves, such as affluence or social standing. While the happiness such things bring us is certainly real, it shatters easily when external conditions changes.

Absolute Happiness, on the other hand, is something we must find within. It means establishing a state of life in which we are never defeated by difficulties, and where just being alive is a source of great joy. Absolute Happiness is something that does not change with time; it is eternal; it is a sense of happiness that is unaffected by external factors, welling forth from the depths of one’s life. This kind of happiness persists no matter what we might be lacking, or what might happen around us.

The aim of our retreats is to help and guide you in finding happiness within . We will show you ways to raise your life force/ your inner energy to make you shine, ways to train your mind to be in the present moment and ways to use your past experiences to strengthen your life and to uplift your spirit.


Heart Felt happiness

Ceibwr Bay. North Pembrokeshire. UK

Our venues are carefully selected to give you a chance to truly relax and unwind, some are close to woodlands, others are near the sea or close to rivers and mountains.

Our groups are kept small to give you a chance to connect with each other and for us to give you all the attention you deserve. We offer non residential one and two day retreats throughout the year. We pride ourselves in being able to offer you retreats at an affordable price.




“Be connected to your authentic self and live life abundantly”


Shadows and Light

It is when we acknowledge our shadows that our light shines brighter.




Cancer and Alkaline Diet

Diary – Day 2

Alkaline Diet 

Many of our friends ask us what is an alkaline diet?

An Alkaline diets involves eating mainly alkaline foods in order to keep the body’s pH between 7.35 and 7.45. The ultimate aim is to eat 80 per cent alkaline foods and 20 per cent acidic foods.

It sounds a bit complicated? 

To really know what your pH levels are you need to test your urine or your saliva with PH strips (available on Google) 

As a general rule, which foods are acidic and which foods are alkaline?
Almost all foods we eat, after they have been digested, break down into either an acidic or alkaline base. On that basis: 

Fresh fruit, vegetables, roots, nuts, and legumes are all good. Grapefruit, lemon, lime, fennel, broccoli, artichoke, asparagus, beetroot, kale, spinach, watercress and cauliflower are considered the most alkaline. 

Pasta, wheat, all dairy products, meat,  shellfish, coffee, tea, SUGAR, fizzy drinks, alcohol and all processed food are all out.

Cancer cells feed on Glucose!!

Aside from weight loss, what are the benefits?

There are claims that cutting out acidic foods and sticking to a mainly alkaline-based diet can help with a range of problems including arthritis, diabetes and cancer, as well as slowing the ageing process. The authors of Honestly Healthy by  Vicki Edgson and Natasha Corrett, say that the diet can improve energy levels and memory and help prevent headaches, bloating, heart disease, muscle pain and insomnia.

Alkaline foods are easier for the digestive system to break down and therefore vitamins and minerals are more easily absorbed. Plus, the seeds and nuts recommended as part of the diet are rich in essential fats which help to improve skin tone.

Fans of alkaline eating maintain that while alkaline forming foods help the body maintain healthy pH levels, too much acidity does the opposite; and that sticking to an alkaline diet can help with weight loss and bloating as well as improving digestion, skin tone and mood. An acid based diet is blamed for diseases such as osteoporosis, heart problems, back pain and kidney stones.

How can I follow the diet? 

Stick to the 80/20 rule. So, your daily meals will consist mainly of vegetables and then a smaller quantity of grains and proteins. The Honestly Healthy cookbook has a whole load of tasty and alkaline recipes. 

 It is said that Cancer cells cannot survive in an alkaline environment.

Here is what Mike and I eat on a daily basis :

Vegetables (Lots of greens), pulses,  Quinoa, wholegrain rice, new potatoes, fish ( soft water fish is best), organic chicken breast ( once a week), 2 eggs a week, Almond and coconut milk, nuts and seeds, Organic cold pressed linseed oil and organic cold pressed olive oil, lemons, berries, water melon, unripe bananas, pears, apples.

We eat fruits but we make sure that they are not over ripe because of their sugar contents.

Carbohydrates when digested release glucose, so it is best to avoid them. Whole grain rice and new potatoes are fine in small doses. Quinoa is a seed and it is safe to eat this most nutritious food.

Mike has lost a lot of weight, so I make sure that he eats plenty of avocados, I sprinkle lots of cold pressed olive or linseed oil on his meals, he also eats lots of nut and seed loaf with nut butter.

 Green juices are best. We often drink a mixture of Kale, cucumber ,celery and apple first thing in the morning and to make a change we sometime have juices made of carrots, oranges, lemons, turmeric and ginger.

Most of our food is organic.

This kind of diet need not be boring however  it does need planning!

Here is what we ate last tonight:

Sweet Potato and leek pie

Sweet Potato and leek pie

Sweet Potatoe pie with Leek . I have added cold pressed olive oil to the mashed sweet potatoes, the pie is seasoned with Himalayan salt and  cayenne pepper. I have topped it with grounded nuts and grated vegan cheese.

Mixed salad with : Mixed Green Leaves, avocado, grilled peppers, cucumber, sunflower seeds, blueberries.

Of course, this way of eating is not just for those who have problems with their health, prevention is the best cure, why don’t you give it a try?.

I have so much more energy since I have been eating this way  :0)

here is the recipe for the Nut and see load mentioned in my last post: Recipe for Nut and Seed Loaf

Bon Appétit !

Véronique xx

Terminal Lung cancer – Success Story –

Diary :

Day 1 – Celebration

Mike, Véronique and their son Max - Early July 2015

Last May my husband Mike was diagnosed with Stage 4 terminal lung cancer. The X ray has shown that there was  a large tumour (6 cm diameter) in the left lung, the right lung has a 3 cm diameter tumour and both lungs were covered with metastases .

The chest consultant has warned us that there was nothing that could be done to cure this cancer and Mike was referred to the oncology department.

Weeks later the consultant in charge of the Oncology department told Mike that he was “Eligible” for a drug that has been recently released.  This drug is “Erlotinib (Tarceva )  a type of chemo that targets lung cancer cells .  There is no cure, the drug is said to stop the cancer spreading . We are given a  vague hope that Mike’s life could be extended…..

Mike who is now 76 years old has chosen to leave this option out, the list of side effects is too long .

Being a therapist I know that there are other ways of dealing with cancer. Cancer needs to be looked at from various perspective: Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual.  I will attempt to share on this site the journey that Mike and I are following day by day.

Before I do this, I would like to share with you the good news that we have been given a few days ago. Mike had his second scan (almost four months after the last one), the oncologist was most surprised to see that the cancer  is still located in both lungs however it has NOT SPREAD!! . We see this as a huge victory, we now know that we are following the right healing protocol. A Stage 4 lung cancer left untreated (by conventional drugs ) is known (by the medics) to  spread rapidly.

Our own healing protocol has  been inspired by this document:  DEFEAT CANCER NATURALLY MARCH 2015 GOLDEN COPY(2)

For those of you who are on a budget, the Alkaline diet , the Bicarbonate of soda , the Turmeric (Curcumin) and the Apricot Kernels (B12) The Lugol Iodine, The Diatomaceous Earth  are all affordable treatments .

Here is a typical day in our new way of life:

Before Breakfast:

A Glass of Freshly pressed organic Carrot, Orange,Turmeric, Ginger juice with 1 tablespoonful of Diatomaceus Earth.

Shower followed by spraying arms , legs and back with magnesium Oil (Home Made with Magnesium Chloride and distilled water). 4 drops of Lugol Iodine placed directly on skin


1  glass of spring water with 1 small teaspoon of Bicarbonate of Soda (prefereably drunk at least 20 minutes before breakfast)

Cooked Quinoa with added Almond Milk, Fresh Raspberries, Cinnamon and Nutmeg. A Small Glass of Kefir made with unpasteurized goat milk – Two slices of Nut and Seed Loaf (see recipe below) with organic almond butter and half a banana . Organic Green Tea with Jasmine. A handful of Organic Brazil Nuts (selenium). A Handful of organic Apricot Kernels.

Vitamins supplement :  Liposomal C 1000mg x 3 day,  D3x 1 day, K2x 1 day, Co Enzime Q10x 1 day, Life Extension Super Bio-Curcumin x 1day,

1 suppository made with Cacao Butter and 0.3 g of Cannabis oil

Mid Morning:

1 hour of Oxygen Session

1 hour reflexology


Home made soup made with organic squash, sweet potatoes, red lentils, coconut milk, turmeric, cayenne pepper himalayan salt , spring water.

2 slices of Nut and seeds loaf with:

Guacamole : mash 1 whole organic avocado with a clove of garlic, lemon juice, a pinch or two of Bouillon powder to give more flavour .

5 – 10 Apricot kernels

1 xVitamin C Liposomal 1000mg

1 glass of water.

Mid Afternoon complementary treatment:

Reiki and crystal healing with Veronique

Homeopathy – take one teaspoonful of remedy mixed with water (plus ing method) every 15 minutes x 10


Chilli Beans

Wholegrain rice ( a handful)

Salad ( Mixed green leaves with young spinach leaves) – Sliced Organic Tomatoes and cucumber – Sliced Beetroot –

Berries with coconut cream

5 to 10 Apricot kernels

1 Vitamin C (Liposomal 1000mg)

1 suppository made with Cacao Butter and 0.3 g of Cannabis Oil.

1 glass of water with 1 tablespoonful of Diatomaceous Earth.

Mike often takes also time to rest during the day ( my idea! :0) ).

I will be posting regularly all the details of what Mike is up to as regard to his diet, the benefit of the complementary treatments  and of course we welcome your comments :0)

A Bientot


Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

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